New Officer pricing

General Uniform Tunic – 475 USD, accurate ribbed fabric, suiting weight. Fully lined, functional pockets.

Lieutenant Uniform Tunic – 475 USD, deep grey cotton blend suiting, fully lined, functional pockets/code cylinder holders

Teal Uniform Tunic – 475, green-blue teal cotton blend suiting, fully lined

Uniform Pants (all types) – 150 USD, includes the wrap-around knee detail as applicable per rank

Officer’s Hat – 80 USD, twill and leather, lined, metal hat pin included

Officer’s Greatcoat – 600 USD, this is made of high quality melton wool for accuracy, as is used in military reproduction/historical costuming. Fully lined, functional pockets.

Officer’s Belt – 60 USD 6-8oz black leather, custom milled aluminum belt buckle, hidden industrial Velcro closure beneath.

Original Officer Pricing

I do not currently make officer hats; there are many quality sources already doing so. If you would like additional fabric to ensure you can create a hat that is a perfect match, I will provide it at cost + shipping.

All trousers are full-length, not knee-breeches. Under the heel stirrup option available to prevent rucking up in tight fitting boots.

I do not currently provide gloves, rank bars, belts, or belt buckles.

Standard Officer tunic (black/olive dependent on fabric availability) - 470 USD

White Grand Admiral tunic (animated version) - 480 USD
            -3D printed epaulets (raw print) - 25 USD (fully finished) - 55 USD
            -3D printed collar chip pins (iron-on vinyl included with tunic) - 15 USD

Officer Trousers (black/white/olive, & straight leg for Grand Admiral) - 155 USD